April 2021

There is now a new slogan ‘Hands, Face, Space and Fresh Air’ as we enter the second stage of the easing of restrictions. Pubs and restaurants open for outside dining plus hairdressers, gyms and swimming pools.

Temperatures see saw. Easter Sunday was glorious and eating in the garden with family and friends was enjoyed. Then change again as we endured days of bitter temperatures, snow and hail showers. This April has seen eighteen frosty days and nights, another record to add to the strange weather statistics.

Despite the unseasonal weather the birds continue to build their nests and its a joy to watch the activity as they fly to the nest site with beaks full of bedding. The plants too defy the winter temperatures and are beginning to appear as are the weeds! The hedgerows have clouds of Hawthorne blossom and the tulips give wonderful shows of colour. Spring it seems is here but we all wish it would warm up and rain. The normal April showers are completely absent, the ground is like concrete with great dry cracks.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh dies on the 9 April age 99 just two months short of his 100th birthday. Wonderful tributes and fascinating programs give insight into the life and achievements of this gifted man, the longest serving consort to any British monarch.  With Covid restrictions his funeral was simple and dignified, absolutely in keeping with the wishes of a man who disliked fuss. Our hearts go out to the Queen as she continues her long rein without her ‘strength and stay’.

A few of the Frogmoor artists met in person for the first time since last August. Finding a sunny, sheltered spot it was possible to work en plein air for a short session. We all look forward to at last being able to resume our group without restrictions and not having to worry about the weather!