August 2020

After periods of extreme heat, towards the end of the month, as if a switch had been flicked, the temperature plummeted, the skies became leaden and the wind howled. Another sadistic ‘the coldest Bank Holiday on record’. The crowds were not dissuaded and our towns and beaches were packed with very little attention to social distancing or wearing of face coverings.  Most of England seems to be on holiday in North Norfolk! 

Many of us have family and grandparent duties which though delightful mean that time for drawing and painting has dwindled. However, once again some of us were able to meet and work en plein air in the garden and vegetable areas here at Frogmoor. While the roses are almost finished the canna lilies are giving a wonderful show and with the sun on their leaves they really glow.

The tomatoes are ripening and the different varieties are wonderful subjects to draw and eat! Beans, salads, courgettes, potatoes, soft fruit etc are plentiful and delicious. The success of all the fruit and vegetables means plenty of time is required for picking, tending, watering, feeding and turning into jams, chutney, cakes, bread, soups, meals – our freezers are filling up!

There is a general atmosphere of weariness as this strange life goes on month after month. We are confused about what the rules and requirements are and they change almost daily. Now the thought of the approach of short dark days and cold temperatures stopping the outdoor socialising that has been such a lifeline is a big concern.

We fervently hope that AaF can continue to meet in the barn studio where there is space to be socially distanced. This together with our online exchange of work, ideas and news will be a supportive and creative means of keeping in contact and our spirits up.