December 2020

The last month of 2020 and lock down ends but much of the country is placed in tier two or three. Here in Norfolk we are now in two rather than one so no indoor mixing but we can go to the hairdresser and eat in a pub but only with those from our household. Despite the rising number of corona virus cases and deaths for five days from the 23 to the 27 December up to three family households are allowed to travel and meet up for Christmas. For so many the need to be with loved ones after many months is very important.

The days are short and with much of the weather being grey, wet and gloomy its cheering to have so many Christmas lights and decorations twinkling away to lift our spirits. From jolly inflated  Santa’s, snowmen and reindeer to houses festooned with Christmas lights, unrestrained, exuberant and gorgeous.  On 4 December large flakes of snow fell all day but it didn’t settle. The weather has in fact been in double figures for a majority of the month. 

The skies still hold magic with large flocks of birds flying over. The sight of a pair of swans flying low with their wings making a strange and eerie sound, quite wonderful. The wild birds continue to give pleasure but now sadly once again we have been hit with bird flu. All farmed and domestic fowl must by law be brought under cover. Here at Frogmoor the chickens have been moved to the polytunnel which has implications for vegetable growing if the outbreak lasts till March. 

As the month draws to a close the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine has been approved in the UK and  persons aged 80 years plus begin to receive the jab. It is a small positive light after nine very dark months and we can only hope that it could be the beginning of a slow road towards a more normal life in the future. There are several vaccines in development both here and globally and much work is needed to protect the whole world. 

Members of the art group continue to create Christmas gifts and art with a Christmas theme. We all continue to hope that early on in the new year we will once more be able to meet up in the barn studio. Until then we will continue to share our work on line.