March 2021

Unseasonably cold weather for March with fierce winds driving the temperature down even further. However when the sun shines on the drifts of daffodils it really lifts the spirits.

The media is in a frenzy after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Megan were interviewed by Opra Winfrey. The most shocking revelation being that a member of the royal family raised the question to the pregnant Duchess about how dark the baby would be.  

After the excitement about the success of the vaccine roll out in the UK there are concerns about possible blood clots with the Astra Zeneca (Oxford) vaccine. 13 countries put a hold on its use for three days before the European Regulatory Agency gave reassurance. The science shows that approximately 4 people in a million receiving the vaccine could be affected. The risks of not having the vaccine is so much greater. Unfortunately concerns remain and there is also much dissatisfaction over vaccine distribution for Europe and the rest of the world who were much slower in ordering supplies. 

On 23 March, the anniversary of the first UK lock down, a minutes silence was observed at midday followed by the ringing of church bells. In the evening we were encouraged to stand on our doorsteps with a torch or candle in memory of all those who have lost their lives to this cruel virus. There is a call to make this day an annual mark of remembrance and erect a memorial in Whitehall.

More sensational news broke when the giant container ship, the Evergreen,  became wedged in the Suez Canal completely blocking this vital trade route. The huge container ship is the length of four football pitches and held up other cargo ships for days as frantic attempts were made to free the Evergreen and allow the build up of over a 500 vessels to pass through. We wait to see the full impact on the worldwide markets as a result. 

On 29 March the first restriction of the ‘Road Map’ was lifted. Six people can now meet outside and in peoples gardens. The month ended with the hottest day for 53 years. Unfortunately after just two wonderful days of hot sun the temperatures once again plummeted.  

The Frogmoor artists continue to share their paintings and daily sketches online. We hope that with the new rule of six some of us can meet up in person next month. The weather will need to warm up though!