May 2020

The glorious drifts of daffodils and tulips of early Spring have faded and made way for the spectacular rhododendron and iris. Many plants and shrubs are heavy with buds and the warmer days after the unseasonal cold of early May will bring more to gladden our hearts. 

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate our lives, and while the government message has changed to ‘Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives’ we continue in lockdown pursue our artistic projects. 

Holidays anywhere are a distant memory but working from our photos can help to relive happy times and the warmer days will mean that soon we can enjoy working ‘en plein air’.

More scrubs for the NHS, gardening, baking, sewing and of course sketching and painting.

The weekly ‘clap’ for the NHS and front line workers has grown and while clapping and banging here at Frogmoor, there is a great wave of sound in the distance including shotguns. 

We hope for a kinder world in the future.

Three stages of Siobhan’s work this month and the finished piece “Over the Rainbow”.