November 2020

We are once again in Lock Down. Guy Fawkes spectaculars are cancelled and the joy of gathering on the village green for the huge bonfire and gorgeous fireworks display was not possible. There is pleasure however to be had watching the formations of geese flying overhead with their wonderful honking calls encouraging each other. The skeleton of the bare trees too are an uplifting sight especially on days when there has been sun and it starts to sink in the sky with fabulous pinks, oranges and purples. On other wet, grey days there can be superb cloud formations which give a wonderful panorama.

As the days grow shorter and the month draws to a close the first Christmas lights begin to decorate the houses and gardens. 

There is much talk of success in producing a vaccine and it being available shortly. We wait to hear if it will be approved by the drugs regulation board. It is amazing the this momentous breakthrough has been achieved in ten months when normally it would take ten years. 

We have learnt that when lock down is lifted next month we together with much of the country will be in Tier Two when previously we were in One. In reality it is not very different to being in lock down. 

In addition to drawing and painting, with Christmas on the horizon there has been wonderful sewing and other creations skilfully created.