October 2020

The usual reliable sunny autumn days of past Octobers have completely disappeared to be replaced with far too much rain and grey skies. When the sun did shine the autumn colours of the leaves against the blue sky lifted the spirits and the fluttering of fallen leaves in the wind was at times magical.

The annual pleasure of picking blackberries from the hedgerows was a great disappointment this year. They were mostly small and hard so a great deal of time was needed to find just a meagre handful of reasonable ones. 

In the vegetable plot the apples and squash have been harvested and stored and the wonderful tomatoes are beginning to come to an end. The green ones quickly turn red once inside the dark of a brown bag. With Halloween comes the many and varied lanterns grinning at us from peoples doorsteps. The jolly orange pumpkins allow for such variety of facial expressions and in some cases a group of different  sizes and characters. 

Unfortunately Siobhan’s slow recovery from her broken shoulder once again meant that she was unable to host AaF at Frogmoor. The group continue to send in their work for everyone to share and comment on line.