Art Group

The Art at Frogmoor (AaF) art group was formed in January 2019 at Frogmoor Farm to bring together professional and amateur artists once a month.  

Working on individual projects in the light, airy and peaceful atmosphere of the barn studio each artist has time to concentrate on their own work and have the stimulation, encouragement and support of others.

Since the pandemic changed our way of life drastically in March 2020 the group has had to revert to mainly working remotely and sharing work digitally. A selection of the groups work, and an update on the projects the artists are working on, are available to view month by month:



If you would like to join the group or receive further information, please complete the contact form

Whitby the Frogmoor cat has become our mascot as she loves to be part of the group and even has her own chair with her name on! As she has become such an integral member of AaF she has been incorporated into our logo as seen above.