Siobhan has undertaken numerous commissions over the years and is always pleased to take on a new project. An original piece of art is a unique way of marking a significant occasion, memory or somewhere special that the owner can treasure forever.

If you are interested in commissioning a painting, as a single piece or a series, or would like to find out more about how to commission a piece of work please contact Siobhan. Prices from £250.

Below are some examples of recent commissioned work along with details of the brief  provided.

Seventy Birthday Celebration

To celebrate a very special 70th birthday. The Chrysanthemum is the birth flower for January and it symbolises devotion, loyalty and love 

An Iris for baby Iris

This composition was created for a new baby grandchild named Iris. The butterfly symbolises transformation, change, hope and life. 

Birth Celebration

To celebrate the birth of an excitedly anticipated new baby the rose is the birth flower for June. The two roses represent the new parents and the rose bud the baby. Pink roses symbolise grace and sweetness and other interpretations include courage, love, gentleness, joy, appreciation, thankfulness and elegance. 

Fortieth Birthday Flower Series

Every month has its own flower and this commission was based on the flowers associated with each member of the family to celebrate the clients wife’s 40th birthday. The full series included a full colour and monochrome version of each flower: violet, rose, daisy and delphinium.

Landscape 4

Dorset Landscape View

To celebrate a 85th birthday this piece was inspired by the Dorset landscape and view from the terrace where the birthday celebrations took place.

Wedding Celebration

Siobhan created this composition as a wedding gift for a young couple. The composition portrays  the flowers associated with the month of their wedding, birthdays and the colour theme of the wedding day.

Wedding Celebration

Homegrown Beetroot

As well as producing an original work to a brief, it is always possible to recreate a painting to fit a specific space or colour scheme. 

A visitor to the Winter Art at Frogmoor exhibition saw this painting and requested  a smaller version to fit a particular space on her kitchen wall.

Four Daughters

This commission was a request for a series of four different flowers to celebrate the clients grownup daughters. 

Each composition was drawn from life using flowers in Siobhan’s garden, the surrounding hedgerows and a friend’s garden. 

When the completed framed paintings were delivered the client exclaimed “now I have all my girls with me and can look at them every day”.