September 2020

Yet another month of extreme contrasts of weather. The summer clothes so recently packed away came out again as we enjoyed perfect temperatures and truly glorious autumn days. Blue skies, warm sun and a gentle breeze.

Then once again, literally overnight and seemingly without warning, everything changed as we experienced the tail-end of a hurricane which hit Kent and East Anglia. The temperature plunged forcing heating to be switch on and fires to be lit. Ferocious winds rattled the windows, howled down the chimney, blocked roads with fallen trees and created debris everywhere.

The regular power cuts, leaden grey skies and continual pouring rain do nothing for everyone’s already flagging spirits. This on top of increasing government restrictions. We may only meet in groups of six and there is confusion about if we may or may not visit another’s home. We can go to pubs and restaurants but there is a 10pm curfew. Here in North Norfolk we have thankfully not yet been subject to a local lockdown.

As the rain and wind continues, the fallen leaves pile up and here at Frogmoor the chickens are enjoying scratching in masses of leaves from the walnut tree that overhangs their run.  The atrocious weather has very much affected their egg laying and there have been none laid for several days.

Sadly the group were unable to meet this month. Although the weather on the day was fine, Siobhan had fallen the week before and broken her shoulder so was unable to host. However we continue to share our work online.  We are ever optimistic that we may be able to somehow meet up in the barn studio soon.