Arriving at the newly purchased Frogmoor Farm Siobhan and Michael Hearn found seven feral cats had been shut in the conservatory! Opening the door they of course all fled but after a few days five cautiously returned.  A little food served in the same outbuilding quickly had them all turning up each day. They worked successfully at  dealing with the rat problem and gradually gained confidence and allowed themselves to be petted.

Among the group was one jet black cat who we named Whitby because of the town in North Yorkshire that is famous for its jet and the beautiful jewellery made from it.  It was clear that this cat liked human company and it was not long before she would come to a whistle and enjoyed being made a fuss of, jumped up onto laps and eventually became happy to be picked up and go for a walk while being carried.

As time went on Whitby grew more and more confident and friendly and made it quite clear that she was top cat!   Sadly over time the number of cats diminished and Whitby is now the only cat at Frogmoor. She takes this position very seriously. As the self-appointed Supervisor, during the building works on the barn she regularly climbed the ladder up to the scaffolding to inspect the roof works. In the garden and vegetable area she is usually found surveying progress and sometimes jumping on Michael or Siobhan’s shoulders to see from a higher perspective. 

As a strictly outdoor cat she was however made welcome in the studio and attends every AaF meeting, curled up on her own named chair. A cat of character and sweet nature she continues to charm everyone she meets.

She has has also inspired the group to produce art work of her and include her in the AaF group logo.